The time has come and re-branding my site is under way! The Social Media business is like any other business, you have to stay fresh, accept change and strive to do better.

As many of you know I was previously dba as The Social Soup and now with the re-branding I am dba Social Soup. Why the change in name? It came down to customer feedback. Over the years I have had so many questions of why "The" was there and many people said it would be better to drop it. I am not sure what the big deal is but hey I listened and made the change.

I took the opportunity of change to update my logo, build a new website and create this blog.


The Old Logo

The New Logo

As much as use of "the" to me means very little, I am quite happy with the new logo. It's brighter, looks fresh and overall I think it better represents my brand.


With building the new I am focusing more on me and showing examples of what I do and doing. Starting with the design and expanding into the details like having my own backgrounds, pictures graphics and videos. It's not perfect yet but with my new commitment to the site it will show more, get better and give a better representation of me.

Starting from our home page and you will see more through out the site.

Shot I took of the fly over on Remembrance Day 2014

Shot of the dock at Fisherman's Wharf.


Yes I finally decided to start blogging. Yes my blog will contain Social Media related articles but I want it to be more than that. I want to write about Social Behavior, Social Life, Social News and Social Brands. This blog will hold no limits as to what might be posted, it really will be a Social Soup.

Have suggestion? Found an error in a post? Hit me up in the contact section and let me know!


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