Spotify Family Plan

Spotify has offered its Premium for Family plan in the U.S and other countries for a while now. But Canada was left in the dark and forced to pay for multiple accounts or families needed to strategically share an account.

That was till now. Individuals now can have a premium account for $9.99 and families of up to 6 users can have a premium account for $14.99.

How it works is the main account purchases the family plan and sends out the invites to join the account via email or a link. The recipient of the invite simply creates their own account and accepts the invite. All six users have their own accounts and do not have access to each other's play lists. Just in case your wondering if you get to keep your playlists when you move over...yup you do.

Personally I felt it was about time since Google and Apple have offered family plans for quite some time.


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