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Digital & Social Media Policy

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos

Roy Whitney will never pretend to be a professional photographer or videographer. We sell Social Media Management services and not digital assets of any sort. Roy will say that he will do his best to use his experience within the industry and equipment to create digital assets that will be engaging and will represent your brand.

It is Social Soup Social Media's belief that posts should be streamlined & represent your brand's true identity.  We do this by combining your digital assets with ours.  This reduces the need to lean on the client for content to post, leaving you with more time to run your business. 






Having professional photographers is not always economical and much of it doesn't necessarily represent your brand.  If you are looking for digital assets that you can keep & share for years to come, click here!

Any digital assets that we create are only a one time use, unless permitted in writing by Roy Whitney. 

Sharing organically plays a big part of social media and that is encouraged. However downloading and then reposting of any digital assets created by Roy Whitney is strictly forbidden. This includes third party accounts with the intention of promoting clients or previous clients.. 

Social Soup Social Media prefers to use original photos and videos.......our work shows that is the majority. However in circumstances when that this is not possible, we guarantee that we will never steal photos off of any social media platform or website . We only use what we are permitted to use through verified stock photo sources.

Stock Photos

Like everything Roy Whitney does, give and take is critical in building relationships. As such our stock photo site of choice is Roy Whitney does not only use this site but he is a contributor. As a contributor I have the 6th most popular CANADA photo in the world with over 1.4 million views & downloaded nearly by 7000  accounts for social media & website posts.
Fun fact 1: we never use stock photos that Social Soup Social Media provides to stock photo sites for clients.
Fun Fact 2: This is the flag at Government House in Victoria, B.C
Canada Flag Social Soup Social Media.jpg
stock photos
Bernie at the James Bay Inn.png


Social Soup does not take on clients or make posts that include illegal activities, activism, politics or religion. That does not mean we are afraid to have a little bit of clean and non offensive fun. Respect for everyone is always first on our mind.

Social Soup appreciates and respects all people regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation, sexual identification, religious beliefs & political beliefs. 



Third-party applications

Social Soup Social Media is aware of many cyber security risks out there. We frequently assess your social media platform and applications connected to them for vulnerabilities. 

Your first assessment starts on the first day we take over your accounts. We do this by removing all third party applications, review administrators and use two tier authentication when logging in to your social media accounts.



Monitoring accounts is a major factor when it comes to security. Some threats are not done by entering your accounts, some are done by imposters. One of the most common threat comes from when businesses run contests on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They create an account using your name and digital assets to reach out to your fans using direct messaging to say that they are a winner. Within, the message is a link that the potential victim is to click to claim. Ultimately the link leads to gathering personal financial information or the install of malware. 

It is only with quick action by putting out a notice to your fans, changing passwords, working within various social media platforms and using their tools to combat such actions can you quickly snuff the threat out. This requires constant monitoring, experience, the knowledge of what to do and quick action. 

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