Social Soup Social Media Marketing in Victoria, B.C


It's understood that ghost tweeting is widely used by actors, musicians. politicians and many other types of public figures. What many don't know is there are many business executives, small business owners and players in different industries that use ghost tweeters. 

There are many reasons why ghost tweeters are hired:

  • Time Constraints

  • Want an online persona

  • Limited Knowledge of Twitter

  • Want PR related posts rather than emotional posts

  • Need an online presence 

Is Ghosting Ethical?

Some have put Ghost Tweeting in question by asking is it ethical? Should I disclose that a ghost tweeter is posting on my behalf? The answers are simple yes & depends.

Having someone ghost tweet for you is completely ethical.  In a sense ghost writing happens all around us:

  • ghost blogging for companies

  • secretaries produce documents on behalf of executives

  • writers produce material for politicians & comedians 

There are many more examples but I am sure you get the point. 

Disclosure is up to the individual. Our opinion at Social Soup is NO! Disclosure can give your followers the sense that the information posted on twitter isn't correct, are not your values or doesn't represent you.  As long as the material is truthful & represents the customer there is no reason to do so. Social Soup takes it one step further by honoring the privacy of all our clients & we never disclose information at anytime during or after services are rendered. ​

How can Social Soup Help?

Social Soup has been ghost tweeting  for over five years and understands what it takes to get the job done.  That is why we have created our six step process before agreeing to take on any ghost tweeting projects with regular meetings.

  1. An interview with you to see if we are a good fit

  2. An application must be filled out

  3. We conduct an online audit of all activities

  4. Second interview

  5. Proposal

  6. Agreement

  7. Meetings at the very least once a month (every two weeks is recommended) 

This might seem like a lot of work to hire someone to tweet on my behalf but it is neccesary in order to get the full picture of who you are & what your needs are. This ensures we are able to fullfill our obligation to you.